How To Control Lake and Pond Scum?

Pond Algae

So your pond looks like a science project rather than a scenic view. Does the stagnant water with the thick green scum remind you of shag carpets from the sixties? Are you envisioning little fish swimming around with oxygen tanks strapped to their fins? Even the ducks think your pond is the ghetto. Who would send their cute little ducklings to paddle in a place where only the lock nest monster would live? If you are having these kinds of thoughts or nightmares it’s time to treat your pond.

There are many solutions that can help you turn your petri dish into club med for all of God’s creatures. Maybe the kids will start fishing again now that the fish can actually find the bait.

Top 5 Reasons for Pond Algae Control

  1. Planktonic
  2. Spirogyra
  3. Filamentous
  4. Chara
  5. Stonewart

These 5 culprits can do quite a number on your lake. Below we go into more detail about each algae.

Planktonic algae are the most common in ponds and lakes. They are typically a green or brown, slimy substance that float on top of the water. Rocks will appear green as well and are slippery. They will as well decrease the amount of water in your pond and clog your equipment; furthermore, as warmer seasons approach the problem will worsen in the habitat.

Another type is Spirogyra and they look like green strings or hair and are bright green. Direct sunlight will cause these to grow rapidly and they need to be treated as quickly as possible. With that being said it is important to eliminate safely without killing off fish and wildlife.

Filamentous are the type that look like a green fur and then float to the top. These are the first to be noticed in early spring. Ponds that are stagnant and don’t have oxygen are the number one cause of this problem conditions worse when not treated promptly.

Chara are the kind that look like weeds and are rooted at the bottom of the surface. They are strong, thick and often look like a carpet. It’s crucial to treat these as early as possible to avoid collection of mineral deposits which cause them to have a thickness making it difficult to eliminate.

Stonewart are comparable to Chara; however, the branches are smooth and differ in texture as they appear translucent and are covered with a green sticky substance.

It is very important to be careful when treating your ponds and lakes because of the welfare of the fish and wildlife. You must be careful of the whole environment including location, temperature and product. There is an ultimate balance and the key is to maintain the whole environment. With that in mind the oxygen control is the number one concern that needs to be controlled and location due to heat from the sun. If using a product as in an algaecides one wants to monitor the amount and consistency of product used to kill the algae producing a healthy environment and not harming wildlife.

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